Leveling up her strength and BJJ game without back pain.

Lea’s martial arts journey started with boxing and Muay Thai. Then in 2009 she discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). She was the only woman doing it, so it was uncomfortable at first, but the more she practiced, the more she enjoyed the nuances and intricacies, and eventually she stopped striking and went all in on jiu jitsu.
In 2017, her low back started hurting. She’d sometimes have pain while walking, but it also limited her BJJ game since it would hurt to roll off her back. She dealt with it for about six months, until she realized one of her BJJ buddies was a sports chiro. They did adjustments, cold laser, and decompression for a few months and she felt better.
She moved to Texas at the end of 2020 and started some functional fitness group workouts. About six months later, the back pain started again. It hurt to walk, stand up, lift, and practice jiu jitsu. She tried a chiro for about three months, but it didn’t really help much, and she felt their service left much to be desired.
Coming to Ninja Physio, Lea knew she’d be pain free, but she wasn’t expecting everything that has come after. Not being sure about where to work out, she was introduced to CrossFit Bluestone and was immediately hooked. She’s kept going five times a week and has greatly improved her strength and conditioning and made great friends.

When you have fun working on leg locks because your back doesn't hurt

Before, Lea could deadlift around 190lbs, blowing out her back in the process. Nowadays, she’s lifting 250lbs with no issues. She’s infused her BJJ technique with her increased strength, upleveling her game and tapping out guys twice her size.
Lea’s goals include to keep improving the technical aspects of her lifts. She created New Breed CTX to create a safe, friendly space where she can share the jiu jitsu she’s learned over her 15 years of practicing. She’s also working on improving her no gi game and leg locks, because true mastery never ends.

Exceed your expectations.

Level up your strength and your game.