From severe knee pain to winning Silver at a Judo world tournament.

A life-long and U.S. top-ranked judoka, MSHQ Judo Sensei Hector tore a hamstring during his 2021 Lone Star Classic tournament. Weeks later, his hamstring was doing better, but his knee started hurting so much that he couldn’t practice “real judo.” With the 2021 Lisbon World Championships Veterans tournament only months away, he needed to recover, fast!

Knowing that the “normal route” would be lengthy and likely ineffective, he decided to give Ninja Physio a shot. With Ninja Physio’s methods and Hector’s hard work, he was tournament-ready just weeks later, and he represented MSHQ, Killeen, and the U.S. at Lisbon, Portugal, earning the silver medal. He was also able to start running again, something he had avoided for eight years.

For Hector, conquering pain and having Ninja Physio in his arsenal is about freedom; freedom to try new things and keep challenging himself knowing that, should an injury happen, he can jump back in quickly. With such an advantage, what are the limits? There are none.

Get back to sport quickly.

Every day counts when training to compete.