About Ninja Physio


Dr. Lily Yu PT, DPT, CSCS

I chose physical therapy as my profession to change lives and provide amazing results. But tired from working in an ineffective unhealthcare system, I saw that in order to have a great impact, I’d need to create my own practice. So I did.


Hipolito Sarabia

When I understood the life-changing effects of physio and saw Dr. Lily’s determination to do things right, I gladly joined the cause. It’s very fulfilling to be able to put people first and see first-hand what this means for our clients.

Our Purpose

We're here to set the standard in eliminating pain through efficient methods and knowledge that put people first.

Setting the Standard

Expectations are at an all time low when it comes to pain and treatments. People have been led to believe that their only option is to live with pain the rest of their lives, on the merry-go-round of drugs and procedures. We’re not okay with that.

We’re here to set the standard of truly personal care, where results last a lifetime and only take a few sessions. It’s not magic. It’s not hype. It’s what happens when you put people first and combine that with a skilled doctor that cares.

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of clients have dramatically reduced or eliminated pain.
Doni training group
Coaching group classes again after 18 months of daily migraines.

Eliminating Pain

We don’t believe pain is to be “managed” or “maintained.” We believe pain is to be conquered, so we actually take the time to find the true source of the pain and eliminate it so that the results last a lifetime instead of weeks or days.

This means increased productivity, sleeping again, being there for your kids, breaking personal records, staying fit and healthy, and simply enjoying life a whole lot more without having to rely on someone else for pain relief week, after month, after year.

Efficient Methods

Our treatments are designed to work in the most straightforward way possible, so our plans are usually eight sessions or less.

We share everything we know about pain because the more everyone knows about pain, their body, and treatment options, the better decisions they’ll be able to make that lead to better outcomes, more freedom, and a stronger community.

Dr. Lily explaining
Running again after two years of knee pain.
Flipping tire after ten years of back pain
Flipping tires after 10 years of back pain.

People First

The healthcare system should work for the people, not the people for the system. We don’t serve the priorities of insurance companies, drug companies, bad managers, or shareholders. Here, people come first.

Conquer Pain.