About Ninja Physio

Dr. Lily Yu PT, DPT, CSCS

I chose Physical Therapy as my profession to change lives and help people be at their best. But tired of being hamstrung by an ineffective “healthcare” system, I realized that to truly serve my clients, I’d need to create my own practice, so I started Ninja Physio.


I like to help people push their limits and become what they truly have it in themselves to be. Pain and its hindrances affect many aspects of life, and it’s very fulfilling to constantly see clients doing things they didn’t think were possible.

Our Purpose

We're here to inform, inspire, and empower people to attain higher levels of strength, mastery, service, and freedom.

Our Values

280lb mammoth deadlift at Ft Hood Strongest


We believe that strength, physical and mental, is the foundation to everything else in life. The stronger we are, the better we can seek mastery, serve others, and ultimately maintain our freedom. The stronger we become, the less we have to hope things turn out favorably, and the greater our ability to shape our destiny.


Mastery is the difference between getting something right and never getting it wrong. It’s the relentless pursuit of knowledge, skills, and excellence. By acquiring, applying, and practicing the right knowledge and sharpening our skills, we can learn to minimize injuries, stay active and mobile late into life, achieve our goals, and serve others better.

Handstand pushups during CrossFit Open quarterfinals
Training running technique at Fort Cavazos


Society works best when people are looking out for each other. We strive to do what’s best for our clients, team, community, and the planet we live on. Every client also empowers those around them by serving as a role model and bringing an even better version of themselves to their family, work, and community.


By freedom we mean: 1) Being free from unnecessary pain to pursue our dreams and goals and 2) being free from dependency on pills, injections, and never-ending appointments when there’s a lasting solution. Pain from injuries restricts freedom, by necessity, to reduce the risk of further injury, but it’s supposed to be temporary; it’s no way to live.

Tending to his ranch pain free in his 60s and beyond

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