Conquered knee and back pain.

Zach first got injured playing football in high school, where he got his first knee surgery. All was well until playing football in the Army, where he injured the other kneed and got another surgery. But this time, he kept having pain in both knees, which limited how far and fast he could run and he avoided jumping.

Having been active his whole life, and having active kids, this was tough. Then he met Dr. Lily. After his program with Ninja Physio, Zach’s been able to run, sprint, and jump pain free. He can now play and run with his kids, and although his older son is now faster, he can continue challenging his younger one.

A secondary issue Zach was having was low back pain for a week after deadlifting. To some, this is normal, but that’s not supposed to happen. With treatment and optimizing his lifting technique, he can now deadlift heavy and only be sore for the weekend instead of in pain for a week.

Staying active for his kids

Stay strong and active.

You don’t have to keep putting life on pause because of pain and injuries.